The company PROSYSTEMY, s.r.o. (Ltd.) was founded in 2006 based on experience from design, programming and optimization of control systems. The company provides services of development and optimization of control systems as well as design, implementation, and service of process control and instrumentation for buildings and industry. Our team includes highly qualified professionals. Their expertise covers control system design and optimization, electronics, engineering, building technologies, programming, and information technologies. Knowledge and experience obtained by working on diverse projects of control systems has been used to develop a new product: DCU CONTROL SYSTEM PLATFORM – UNIVERSAL, LOW-COST, OPEN-SOURCE, ADVANCED CONTROL SYSTEM
Anyone can now easilly build a powerful complex control system. All that is needed is our freely programmable hard real-time controller DCU56IO or DCU28IO. The rest of the control system - servers, operational panels, connectivity - is based on open-source software and standard hardware - PC, miniPC, tablets... Unlike other control systems we support Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android operating systems. SCADA visualization server may be large windows PC as well as linux mini PC or even cheap Android tablet. For more info on DCU control system platform check download section or contact hynek.prochazka@prosystemy.sk.

The aim of the DCU CONTROL SYSTEM PLATFORM is to bring a significant progress into instrumentation and control field with respect to classical PLC (programmable logical controller) or PAC (programmable aion controller) in terms of performance, flexibility, as well as cost-efficiency. Control system task is divided into two separate sub-tasks:

  • Real-time control executed by newly developed Dynamic Control Unit (DCU) real-time controller
  • External networking, process data recording, process visualization provided by modern hardware and software.
  • DCU controller features embedded hard real-time system with 64-bit floating-point precision and ability to perform control application tasks at 1ms true sampling time or even faster. True sampling time 1ms means that entire control loop: reading inputs - processing data - writing outputs is executed within 1ms. UDP/TCP/IP stack is integrated for networking and communication, as well as Modbus RTU. Functional diagram interpreter allows to upload into embedded real-time system directly control application diagram (most advanced control algorithms are built in functional diagrams) instead of compilations of C/assembler code.

    All software tools for programming, data storage, and visualization are open-source and platform-independent. Anyone can use them on any of four main operating systems (Windows, Linux, MAC OS, Android) on any type of hardware. This feature brings new aspects into the control system field. Independence and freedom of choice, best price possible, as well as performance by using cutting-edge IT products.

    Our company provides all engineering and expert services related to building, industrial, experimental, and hobby process control and instrumentation. Related engineering services covers:
    • Process control design
    • Process control implementation including installation and programming
    • Service of process control systems
    • Support and consultancy
    We have experience with the following technologies: Building Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), heating and cooling devices such as boilers, chillers, heat pumps, solar systems, hydraulic molding machines (see references).
    Expert services include:
    • Process performance optimization by optimizing control systems
    • Simulation and process physical modeling for performance analysis and optimization
    The following technologies has been analyzed, simulated, or optimized within our company: HVAC ventilation systems, power plant control systems, tunnel ventilation systems, emergency ventilation systems.

    REFERENCES [.pdf]


    • Mold injection machine control
    • Heating pump control
    • Welding aion

    Hobby / Experimental

    • University student experimets
    • Home aion

    Building / HVAC

    • Administration/poly-functional buildings
    • Factories/production sites
    • Large villas
    • Public facilities (cinema, hospital, shops)