Prosystemy Drone Technology Laboratory is a platform for building advanced multi-rotor drone laboratory at affordable price.
Because of the platform framework affordability, flexibility and emphasis on advanced control, it is suitable for EDUCATION, as well as RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT or HOBBY.
The main purpose of this framework is to allow students, researches and developers easy and fast prototyping and experimenting with different control algorithms, drone geometry, and different types of motors, propellers, avionics, electronics. The framework simplifies analyzing drone dynamics and performance or testing.
The laboratory may consist of a single low-cost multi-rotor drone bench suitable for high-school education or hobby development.
For research purposes a large swarm of different types of heavily equipped multi-rotor drone benches communicating with each other can be build.
Important advantage of the framework is its control system - PROSYSTEMY DCU Control System Platform. It is open license-free flexible advanced control system with real-time control units, fully-featured visualization/SCADA system, and programming using control diagrams. Scientific computational platform Scilab or Matlab and its dynamic simulators Xcos, Simulink are used for programming. [.pdf]
  • Starting at 690eur VAT incl.
  • DCU30 universal flight control unit
  • 1 gyroscope with MODBUS RTU
  • 2 2-chanell converters 0-10V / PWM
  • 4 ESC speed controllers upto 40A
  • frame kit 3-D model files for 3D printer
DTL QUAD KIT LITE - Lite Quadrocopter Drone Bench Kit
  • Starting at 1280eur VAT incl.
  • Frame kit for building a lite quadrocopter
  • 4 motors and propellers
  • 1 wifi access point
  • 1 current sensor
  • 1 motor temperature sensor
  • 1 power voltage sensor
  • cables, terminals, screws
DTL QUAD KIT - Quadrocopter Drone Bench Kit
  • Starting at 1720eur VAT incl.
  • Frame kit for building a complete quadrocopter
  • 4 motors and propellers
  • 1 wifi access point
  • 4 current sensors
  • 1 motor temperature sensor
  • 1 power voltage sensor
  • cables, terminals, screws
DTL QUAD BENCH Complete Quadrocopter Drone Bench Ready to Fly
  • Starting at 4420eur VAT incl.
  • Ready-to-use quadrocopter bench
  • Built quadrocopter DTL QUAD KIT
  • 1 GPS MODBUS RTU sensor
  • 1 ultrasound distance sensor
  • 2 batteries for motors
  • 1 battery for electronics
  • 1 bench stand - gyroscopic frame
  • data server i5
  • game console
DTL MULTICOPTER BENCH Complete Multicopter Drone Bench on measure
  • tricopter, quadrocopter, hexacopter benches
  • any other on-measure multi-copter benches
  • swarm benches of any size
DTL BENCH STAND Drone Bench Gyroscopic Stand
  • universal stand for tricopter, quadrocopter, hexacopter ...
  • pitch, roll, and yaw movement
DTL SPARE PARTS Spare parts according customer requirements
  • motors, ESC speed controllers, propellers
  • frame kit parts
  • DCU30 flight control unit/s
  • wifi access points
  • gyroscopes with MODBUS RTU
  • 2-chanell converters 0-10V / PWM
  • GPS sensors with MODBUS RTU
  • current sensors
  • distance sensors
  • motor temperature sensors
  • batteries
  • cables, terminals, screws
  • preinstalled data servers
  • game consoles
  • any other on measure sensors and/or actuators


Attractive laboratory stands Flexible affordable open kits
Different multirotor drones development Swarm formation development
Freely programmable flight controller Programming with control diagrams
Fast prototyping - easy design Online parameter debuging
Adjustable geometry Highly flexible multipurpose framework
Avionics online visual open and freely programmable Advanced control and dynamic simulation
From basic kits to read-to-use swarm bench Affordable for high school laboratory or hobyist


Small-scale development and Hobby

  • Flexible affordable open kits
  • Wide range of suitable parts and accessories
  • Software tools for design and implementation are free open-source, no licenses, no registration
  • Programming skills (C, Assembler, etc) not needed

Research and Development

  • Hard real-time system core up to 1ms execution time
  • Standard process control functions implemented (Alarm events, Schedules, PID, ...)
  • Control units networking supported
  • Web-based visualization and historical data recording
  • Support of advanced control algorithms such as state-space, transfer functions, RST controllers
  • 64-bit double precision integrated in embedded real-time system


  • Attractive laboratory stands
  • Scientific computational platform for control design and validation Scilab / Matlab (tool under development)
  • Interactive and intuitive user interface